Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability (GAPDS), Lapis Social and Cultural Association Inc, together with Baghlanies Living in Virginia, Maryland and DC, and Afghans Living in DC (ALDC), we are launching this fundraising campaign.

The Urgency of the Cause
We are launching a fundraising campaign to aid the victims of recent catastrophic floods in northern Afghanistan, especially in Baghlan province. These massive flash floods have claimed the lives of more than 300 people and injured 1,600 others, wiping out entire communities and leaving thousands without homes, food, water, or shelter. The survivors of this tragedy are in desperate need of immediate assistance to begin rebuilding their lives.


Why This Is Important to Us
As Afghans living in United States, we feel a profound connection and responsibility towards our fellow Afghans suffering from these calamities. Having coordinated similar emergency responses in the past, we understand the critical importance of swift and effective aid in such crises.

How the Funds Will Be Used
The funds raised will be meticulously allocated to the following urgent needs:

Emergency Medical Supplies: Critical care items to treat the injured.
Food and Water: Essential sustenance for families who have lost everything.
Sanitation Supplies: To prevent the outbreak of diseases in affected areas.
Temporary Shelter: Tents and blankets to provide immediate shelter.
Direct Financial Assistance: Small cash handouts to help families manage their immediate needs.


Transparency and Plan for Fund Transfer
Recipient Organization: Lapis Social and Cultural Association Inc. will receive the funds.
Transfer Method: Funds will be sent to Afghanistan where our trusted team of volunteers will oversee their distribution. The volunteer team is headed by Mr. Zabihullah Ghyasi.
Utilization Proof: We commit to transparency by maintaining detailed records of all expenditures. Our team on the ground will document the aid distribution through photos and videos, ensuring that donors can see the impact of their contributions. We will also provide a list of all beneficiaries, complete with contact information, for accountability.


Call to Action
The people of Afghanistan are facing an unspeakable tragedy and need our compassion and action now more than ever. Please consider donating to our campaign today. Every contribution brings hope and vital aid to those in dire need. Share this urgent appeal with your network and help us spread the word.

About Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability (GAPDS and Lapis Social and Cultural Association Inc.

Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability (GAPDS) is a US-based non-profit organization.

The Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability Organization, with a broad vision is committed to facilitating peace and development through providing services in peace building, education, human rights, women empowerment, capacity building, democracy, health, and environmental areas.  The Organization is headquartered in Virginia U.S.A. and is able to cover activities and provide services in other parts of the world.
The Lapis Social and Cultural Association Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is organized exclusively for social, charitable, cultural, educational, and scientific purposes with primary goal of uniting and empowering the Badakhshani community living in the DMV area by celebrating and preserving their rich cultural heritage, fostering social connections, and providing resources and support for their overall well-being, resettlement, and integration into the broader Afghan-American society.


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