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"A Peaceful Developed Sustainable  world"


Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability (GAPDS) is a US-based 501(c)(3)  tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  

The Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability Organization, with a broad vision is committed to facilitating peace and development through providing services in Peacebuilding, education, human rights, women empowerment, capacity building, democracy promotion, health, and environmental areas. 

GAPDS is located in Virginia U.S.A. and was stablished in 2023 by co-founders Rukhsar Mehrzad and Jan Mohammad Jahid. It can cover activities and provide services in other parts of the world.

Area of Focus

Peace Building
To educate, advocate and mobilize people into action to transform public policies toward peace.
Child Protection
Children save guarding from violence exception abuse and negled.

Advocacy & Campaign
To promote and strengthen advocacy and campaign programs to adapt effective strategies and approaches.
Strategic Objectives
Promote peaceful coexistence

Increase advocacy initiatives to promote peace in society.

Increase role of CSOs in Peace building and Conflict Resolution.

Improve engagement of Government in Policy Reforming.

Increase Access to Quality Education & Mental Health Services for Everyone in Need

Facilitating access to higher education for those boys and girls in need

Helping to facilitate access to positive learning environments for Youths

Creating and strengthening the non-formal education context for out-of-school students to have the opportunity for getting preparation to higher education.

Making linkage with foreign countries to get scholarships for Afghan boys and girls.

Help to facilitate and create the ground to build, expand and rehabilitate schools and kindergartens in underserved areas of the country.

Promote and Develop Human Rights Awareness and Knowledge

Supporting and Developing Women Rights

Institutionalizing Democratic Atmosphere Within the Framework of Law

Promoting Social Justice

Increase Access to Capacity Building

Preservation and Revival of Environment through Promoting and Facilitating Sustainable Development

Collecting Humanitarian and Charitable Aids for People in Need

Supporting and Developing Women Rights

Defending women’s rights by teaching them their position in society.

Facilitating access to all women for education and to eradicate illiteracy.

Struggle to provide equal rights for each member of society without considering age,
gender, language, religion and tribe.


Institutionalizing Democratic Atmosphere Within the Framework of Law

Facilitating opportunities.

Putting efforts on creating responsive and accountable institutions and processes that serve the needs and preferences of public

Holding trainings on defending and promoting citizens’ civic and political rights.

Putting efforts to pave the way for free and fair election based on principle of transparency and accountability.

Promoting Social Justice

Advocate for social justice within government by forcing to implement the law.

Raising public awareness of one another’s rights.

Eliminating or at least reducing any kind of discrimination which deteriorate social justice.

Implementing programs that can improve social justice within society and put pressure on government to establish the rule of law.

Increase Access to Capacity Building Through Programmatic Expansion

Empower households through sustainable work opportunities by creating and implementing new employment methods.

Modernize all production process to reduce labor efforts and standardization.

Expanding the re-granting of CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) programs.

Providing technical assistance to building the capacity of CSOs.

Expanding the provision of vocational trainings to vulnerable individuals to improve income generation activities.

Collecting Humanitarian and Charitable Aids for People in Need

Raising awareness of human rights values through educational programs

Facilitate training declarations of Human rights for all male and female

Holding training programs on international human rights convention

Facilitate training safeguards mechanism to  male and female on how to prevent human rights abuses, protect human rights defenders and respond to human rights abuses.

Core Values

Global Action for Peace, Development, and Sustainability Organization is committed to following values:


Roydad News Agency

Roydad News Agency operates under the supervision of ARG. It is registered with the Ministry of Information and Culture, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political news agency in Afghanistan, which is active in digital media. Roydad is committed to deliver services which is accurate, impartial and effective.
Roydad’s managers are working to keep people informed of the day-to-day important news/events in Afghanistan by maintaining their impartiality and understanding of principle of the mass media law. At the same time, Roydad intend to produce investigative reports regarding youth and women empowerment, anti-corruption, development initiatives in the country, and cultural and social events.

Opportunities 4 Afghans

ARG produced an online platform that announces/posts Opportunities for Afghans in the sectors of Education, Fellowship, and Finding Quality Jobs. Opportunities 4 Afghans is the largest opportunity discovery platform for youth across the country. Thousands of Afghans have trusted and benefited from this platform since its establishment from 2017 to find latest opportunities for free and avail important educational contents for continued self-development.



Baahaami is operating under supervision of ARG. Baahami with exclusively charitable purpose is operating to help Afghan People who lack the basic necessities of life and to provide charitable assistance to victims of few decades of war, natural disasters, poor and unprivileged people. Baahami is committed to attract the national and international charitable donations for the purpose of empowering, improving livelihoods, and delivering basic services to the poor and unprivileged people of Afghanistan.


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